Meeting Schedules

Each night from 7pm to 8pm there is a Community Men’s 12-Step peer run group located in the Outpatient Building of Destiny Sober Living. The community is welcome to attend these meetings. Please contact us for a brief meet and greet over the phone to ensure that you meet criteria to attend the meeting. Your name must be on our visitor list in order to attend the meeting. The meeting is a free meeting that helps others remain sober and helps increase their recovery support system. If you are struggling with your recovery, or need to maintain your connection to recovery principles, the Destiny Family welcomes your attendance. What’s different about this meeting compared to other 12 step meetings?

When we say “Family” we mean it. Everyone who walks through our doors truly experiences what unconditional acceptance is. We do not judge you for your past. You are not who you were in your addiction. That was the past. We know that the things you did and said in your illness is not who you truly are. The group works on acceptance a lot. This means that others learn to accept who they are and who others are. This helps with your journey of forgiveness and surrender. We value these concepts and will help you navigate them so you can live your life in a place of gratitude, humility, and flexibility. We hope to see you there!